Sunday, November 18, 2007

For a Penny

Not many things in life today can you get for a penny. I was with Tyler today during our weekend errands together. We went to the grocery store to get our Thanksgiving feast fixings, luckily early enough to avoid the huge crowds. As we were checking out, Tyler noticed the mechanical horse sitting there waiting to be ridden.

He looked up at me with those beautiful blues and of course I couldn't resist. And for a penny? Anything you can do for a toddler for a penny is priceless.

Even better, a little girl looked up at him and wanted to get her turn. He was very happy to give her a turn on the pony and enjoyed putting the penny that her mom gave him in order to give her a ride.

As I was writing this, I remember a trip to the store with the boys when a dad looked at me with pleading eyes and asked if he could have a penny. He only had bills in his pocket and his 2 year old was anxiously awaiting my reply. Of course I gave her the penny.

I will look at pennies a little differently now.

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