Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Yes, I'm actually going to write a post about my 2008 New Year Resolutions. After all, this is a journal for me that I hope to be able to refer to as the kids get older so that I can look back at these years and be able to remember when things happened.

I also have never really officially made new year resolutions. I've always had them in the back of my mind, but never written them down or had a goal to actually meet them. They're usually the same every year anyway. So, this year, I'm going to write them down and then on December 31, I'll see if (or when) I actually achieved them.
  1. Get in shape - use that new spin bike I got from Miles for Christmas
  2. Be nicer to Miles (I need to help care for our marriage)
  3. Cook more variety / healthy dinners
  4. Get and keep the house organized (this is going to come in handy when we actually have to put our house on the market!)

A few things that I'd like to do this year, but won't actually be changing my habits are:

  1. Keep my journal (blog) current and fresh
  2. Box up toys to give to a charity
  3. Box up maternity clothes to give to a charity
  4. Box up kids clothes to give to charity
  5. Complete the kids' 1 year memory books (I'm woefully behind!)
  6. Complete are city process and make all the decisions about the new house

Happy 2008!!

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