Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tomorrow we get to go home. Of course, it's still 3AM in the morning at home, but it's 5:10 Tuesday evening here and when I wake up in the AM, I'll be on a plane home.
I leave Singapore at 8:20AM (which is 6:20PM Tuesday evening at home) and arrive at the shuttle pick up in Fort Collins near our home at 6:45PM Wednesday evening. It is so surreal that I will leave Wednesday morning, travel for 24 hours and arrive Wednesday evening.

It feels like I've been gone forever. I miss the kids and my husband so much it is unbearable. I'm sort of feeling numb at the moment, but know that at least my journey is ending and I don't have to fret about it anymore.

The trip has been ok. The jet lag in India was not good, but I've felt pretty good my entire stay here in Singapore. It is beautiful here. Hot and humid and lush and green. We got a chance to hike through the Botanic Gardens and they are beautiful. Not as many flowers (we didn't pay to go in the Orchid Garden), but just very lush trees and landscaping.

I wish I could have enjoyed these exotic locations a little more, but I've experienced enough to know that I don't want to go back to India (this was my second trip) and that if I could take my family or if the kids were older, I would come back to Singapore.

Logging off for now, will try to post when I get back, but then we're heading to North Dakota to celebrate the 4th of July with Miles' family.

Happy travels and some pictures to leave you with...

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