Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Much?

Every night I go to bed saying to myself, I really should carve out 20-30 minutes to update my blogs. That's not a lot of time, right? But, alas, I fall asleep and don't get to it. Here's a few things that are going on right now, so posting will be sparse until probably mid-July...
  • Preparing for a business trip to India/Singapore June 15 - 25 (ugh, I really don't want to go. I've tried many tactics, including getting a new job, to try to get out of it, but no dice. I'm going.)
  • Preparing for vacation and a driving trip to ND to see Miles family June 27 - July 3 (This will be fun. I enjoy going there and other than the long trip in the car for the kids, it's really nice for them to see Miles' family)
  • Managing 2 jobs at work since I got a new job and my old job won't let me go until a week after I return from vacation - long transition time.
  • Dealing with the city and trying to get our submittal complete so we can schedule a hearing - see my other blog for details if you are at all interested - I'm going to try to update that today as well
  • Trying to get ahold of the water association (our ditch water for the farm) president to find out if he'll sign our drawing (see above)
  • Working with our builder to determine exact location of the new house and if we will be able to have a basement after all since now that the ditch water is running, we've got standing water and ground water appears to be less than a foot
  • Working with the kitchen designer to come up with a better design for our kitchen
  • Working with the house designer to make sure the layout is how we want it so he can start on structural stuff
  • Dealing with family issues and stress in grandparents regarding their relationship and their babysitting duties
  • Trying to get the house ready to put on the market
  • Cleaning out and selling or donating unused items
  • Putting ads on Craig's list for stuff not sold at the garage sale (should have posted about that on Saturday - maybe I still will)
  • Trying out a new babysitter this weekend so Miles and I can go to the Parade of Homes and go out to dinner (first time since???)
  • Helping my parents out with their babysitter
  • Farm chores like spraying weeds and getting ditch water to pasture
  • Organizing pictures and Creative Memories stuff so that we can stage the study
  • Making sure kids get fed, bathed and to bed on time on a daily basis
  • Cooking extra meals and freezing them so Miles can feed kids while I'm gone
  • Buying gifts for friends that just had babies
  • Getting some sleep so that I can function every day

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The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Wow! You're amazing. Best of luck on all of this!