Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Weekend Full of Wisdom from Two Amazing Toddlers

Here is a list of quotes taken from C & T over the last weekend:
  • Mommy, you get 'em, Daddy won't get 'em, he's reading a book.
  • I think I'm done working Mommy.
  • This is heavy Mommy. [Mommy: Do you want me to carry it for you?] No, I don't. I'm very strong with this.
  • I'm checking this out.
  • The dogs can't lick the beaters because they don't have hands. Only boys have hands. Dogs have four legs. On the front and on the back.
  • Cars have wheels on the front and on the back... and some lights on the back.
  • Because I like this.
  • Because I was born in Texas. (Um, no you weren't...)
  • Because I was born in a hospital. (ok, yes, you were...)
  • [Daddy: What do you think about my bike?] I do think about it. A lot.
  • That's a big bite Daddy. (yes, it was!)
  • Daddy missed the fox.
  • Mommy can't say cooperation.
  • This is not a democracy.
  • Applesauce isn't for eating. [Mommy: It's not?] No, it's for lunch.
  • I'm teasing Bumpa.
  • I made Amber laugh.
  • I made Amber giggle.
  • There's a bumper on the front and on the back.
  • Okey, dokey.
  • Daddy didn't park very good.
  • I actually want a BIG pony. (my emphasis)
  • I did.
  • This isn't our street.
  • Go home.
  • Don't say that to me. (I can't remember the context on this one.)
  • These are pliers - then I pinch your nose.
  • Yes, it IS a cactus. (his emphasis)
  • It ran out of D volt batteries. (huh?!)
  • Thanks, I do want some of these. What are these called? (M&Ms)
  • I actually like these.
  • That's an air compressor.
  • That's a shop-vac.
  • I think it doesn't fit. I think it's too big.
  • We're out of gas. Bumpa had to get gas.
  • I'm situated.
  • I turned the vacuum cleaner on. (uh oh)
  • Don't worry, man.
  • This car can fit under my house.
  • There's a white chair in the house.
  • There's a corner for my nose. (about time out)
  • Bumpa and Grammie have a white truck. and a red truck too.
  • This car is too big for this hole.
  • Up and down on the track.
  • This is a Honda motorcycle.
  • Ha ha ha, we made the funny ghost laugh.
  • We can't break these tools.
  • I don't bang it hard, I bang it soft for you.
  • Let me spin this backwards.
  • Put it back together. (This one is a common one. Even when they shattered the back window on our truck...)
  • Will you change me? I have a poopy.
  • I want a cracker-cookie. (Girl Scout Thin Mints).
  • We need to eat 'em or Annie will get it.

I can hear them say all these things with the cutest little voices.


Mimi said...

Oh wow. I gotta do this too: what a great idea. And totally toddler-speak. There's some funny stuff in there for sure!

grammie2spicy said...

I just read your 'wisdom' list. It is fantastic. You are capturing some moments that will entertain and delight you (and Grammie and Bumpa)and make us laugh even in our frustrating moments. What a gift. I also read your story about the fox. I hadn't know the details. It is certainly mysterious. I think giving him as much assurance as possible is the way to go,but at the same time not to make a big deal out of it. It will eventually be left behind in to his two and a half year old world. The memory will probably be there but the fear will not.