Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

I had so much fun writing down quotes from the boys, that I decided that, as long as I can, I'm going to include a list of wisdom on Wednesdays... Here's this week's list:
  • Hi Tyler, is there any room for me? [Cory wanted to sit in the moon car with Tyler]
  • Where's the convertible, Mommy?
  • What's up there Annie? [Asking the dog why she's looking up into the tree. Annie spends most of her day staring at the squirrels that run along our back fence and then up the tree.]
  • I've got it in the other hand so Amber can't reach it.
  • My birthday is in October.
  • Daddy has a pink shirt on. [Dad refuses to call it pink, but Cory nailed it.]
  • Look at these cute knees. [Tyler playing with Amber with only a onesie on.]
  • Santa's a boy.
  • Mommy's not a boy.
  • I'm a twin. [First time I've heard that acknowledged.]
  • Look at this truck. It has black wheels and green wheels.
  • It didn't snow last night. [Tyler looking out the window and noticing no snow on the ground. The day before, it had snowed and I pointed it out to him.]


Lori said...

You're so smart to get these words of wisdom preserved.

What color did Dad think the shirt was?

Kidlicious said...

Dad thinks it's 'salmon'. I think the shirt has faded over time and has really turned to pink. :-)