Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Tooth!

Amber is just now deciding that she likes some of the solid foods we've been offering her. At her four month appointment, Dr. said we could start giving her solids, starting with rice cereal. She hated the rice cereal. So, when she was sick over Thanksgiving the nurse suggested we try bananas to try to harden her stools. She thought the bananas were ok, but never took to the rice cereal.

So, I just started giving her the other veggies and fruits that the boys liked when they were just starting out. She loves them! Carrots and sweet potatoes and pears, etc. And then I bought some oatmeal cereal and she absolutely loves it. She still says no to the rice cereal, unless it is mixed with a fruit or veggie.

Which brings me to the fact that we just discovered a tooth last night! On the bottom, popping out as clear as a pearly white! :-) I can't remember exactly when the boys started getting teeth, but I think this is a little sooner than them. I know Cory got his first tooth before Tyler and that's when we really slowed down on the breastfeeding, which was about six months.

My angel:

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